Yesterday I made a post on social media that included this picture and comment: Sometimes things are not as they seem. What’s the first impression?  Something is wrong? Something is getting upgraded? Just a quick refresh before we head to our first event?

Maybe all of the above, but why I chose to write about “things are not as they seem”, has more to do with how society has become so judgmental and can be very hurtful and sometimes lead to long-term brokenness.

I woke up this morning, Easter Sunday, and I downloaded some beautiful songs given to me from my friend and new sponsor, Chip Lofton of  Each one touched my heart in a different way and I had a hard time holding back the tears.  It was then I received a text from my sweet daughter-in-law, wishing me a happy Easter and sent me a picture of the twins. The tears continued to flow!  Now many of you may not know my story, so this may seem like a lot of jibber, but my life has not always been so blessed and many days it’s still a struggle and I must dig deep within to keep me grounded.

Things are not as they seem – I still struggle with name calling and bullying I experienced as a kid. Many of you see the beauty, I know it’s in my heart, but the ugliness is still real to me. I still struggle with the loss of my father and brother. I still struggle with never having children of my own. I still struggle with failed relationships. The list goes on.

So I ask this of you today and this day forward, when you jump to conclusions about someone or begin to be judgmental, ask yourself if “things are as they seem?”.